Things to look for in the best hyperconverged appliance

How should a Good Hyperconverged Appliance Look Like?

Hyperconverged infrastructure brings high performance, simplification, and scalability to the storage. Therefore, when we talk about how a good hyperconverged appliance should look like, it must have some features. The most important aspect of a hyperconverged appliance for storage is to provide high performance. This is the basic purpose of hyperconverged infrastructure. A great hyperconverged appliance has high speed processors like a single or even double Xeon processors like few of the vendors are offering.

High performance

Today, the enterprises expect everything to be done fast, without wasting a minute. Faster the appliance is, better and quicker will be the result and so will be the relationships between the storage service providers and the enterprises.

Apart from the processors, the ports also play an important part in the performance of hyperconverged appliance. If an appliance has high speed ports, it will guarantee that the output will be great. When choosing a high speed appliance one must also check the specifications of the ports also.

In addition to processors and ports, then comes the importance of how the hard drives and flash drives are brought together to meet the requirements of the enterprise.

In the end, a good hyperconverged servers has the feature of offering customization to the enterprise to make little adjustments in order to take the optimum advantage of the appliance according to the specific needs and requirements.

Simplification of Management

A hyperconverged appliance should offer simplification of the management of resources by bringing compute, network and storage together with in a single device. It should not only be cost effective but also easy to manage. The management interface needs to be so easy to make sure that the resources like private cloud deployment and integration of a public cloud effortlessly.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) should also be friendly enough to enable the users to manage all the storage operations with a mere click. This is the main point of interaction of users and the appliance, therefore it needs to be very user friendly and easy to understand operate.

Storage Space and Scalability

We must not forget that we are talking about a storage appliance here. A hyperconverged appliance’s primary function is to provide storage to enterprise’ data. A good appliance must start from a storage capacity that is enough for a big business. This should not be considered enough though. A great hyperconverged appliance must possess the feature of scalability, and must not have any limits of adding nodes and storage capacity.

The modern world is facing a rapid and never ending increase in the generation of data. We are not seeing the data being generated to slow down in near future. In fact it is going on the rise every second. It must be made possible that the storage appliances have unlimited storage capacity by adding nodes. This features is called scalability which is inevitable in a modern state of the art and competitive hyperconverged appliance.   


A hyperconverged appliance which has all the three features discussed in this article high performance, simplification and Scalability makes it an appliance which could meet the requirements of enterprises in this data dependent and data generating world. I hope you are now in a better position to decide what to look for in a hyperconverged appliance before ordering it.