What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and What Does it Offer?

To some extent, the term Managed Service Provider is self-explanatory. It is a platform that offers services, application programs and other equipment that are network based, in a more managed and specialized manner. Usually the clients of a Managed Service Provider are the big scale enterprises, residences and even other service providers. It allows the enterprises to manage more than one tenants on a cloud without a fuss.

Purpose of Managed Service Provider

It serves the purpose of allowing the clients to monitor every device such as servers, routers, switches and firewalls etc., while being on a remote location. These functions are or can be performed remotely, which makes it even more flexible and easy for the enterprises.

Fears of Enterprises to Switch to Cloud

This platform removes the hurdle which makes most of the enterprises to act reluctantly when it comes to hiring the services of a cloud storage. It makes them think that once they will give their data to such a vendor, they will not be able to access, change or interact with their data.

What MSP Does?

On the contrary, a Managed Service Provider assigns all the enterprise access controls to its clients. It is like forget the days when you were not allowed to monitor your data, with MSP, you can enjoy full control and monitory rights on your data. It feels like you still own the data and have complete control over it.

Generally speaking, a MSP Provider is considered to be a company which helps in managing the IT services for companies over the internet. It is usually preferred and is suitable for the big scale enterprises which need to be in close touch with their mission critical data all the time. It allows them to monitor every activity that is going on. They do not feel that their data is on some remote location. This is the actual beauty of this platform.

What Does MSP Offer?

Managed Service provider offers a dedicated channel is provided to each tenant on the cloud so that they feel that there is no other tenant on the cloud. The environment feels like there is only one tenant being provided with the cloud computing services.

There are many Managed Service Providers which offer state of the art gateway software to allow enterprises to store their data in the cloud, one of them is StoneFly Inc. which offers StoneFusion MSP Edition to make sure that the cloud storage resources are managed and utilized in an optimum manner.


Concluding in the simplest of words, it may be said that a Managed Service Provider is like a fully dedicated source which is only taking care of your needs and requirements, a type of special treatment given to the special guests. The tenants are given a specified and dedicated quota of the data storage capacity to make sure that they have what they need all the time.