SDS technologies of the year 2020

Software Defined Storage: One of the Technologies to Look For In Year 2020

The data storage world is destined to undergo changes and shift of focus from the old and legacy approaches towards the software defined storage solutions, towards new and innovative ones. This article is going to talk about one of most significant technologies which will be in the use coming year, that is software defined storage.

In the past, the technologies were expected only to be fast and offer more and more storage capacity. There has been a change in the mental approach of the industry experts, analysts, critics and vendors towards what should be the best solution capable of.

Now there is a whole lot more to what a best data storage technology such as software defined storage should incorporate and offer. In this modern world, a data storage solution also needs to be efficient, smart and easy to manage. So that it can benefit the enterprises in multiple aspects.

The enterprises not only require a data storage solution that give them high speed storage solutions, but also want it to be less, costly, less time consuming, easy to run and maintain by minimum or even no IT expert staff members.

Software Defined Storage to Storm 2020

One of the most important technologies is software defined storage (SDS) technology. The main reason why SDS is so popular and next year will also be solving most of the enterprises’ data storage problems is its agility, flexibility and easy management.

With the growing size and volumes of data, the complexity of data storage requirements and enterprises expectations have also become complex and vast.

Software Defined Storage makes the software independent of the hardware which basically provide the flexibility that enterprises need and strive for.

Automation Makes Huge Difference to Software Defined Storage!

In today’s demanding world, automation is one thing that is required by the enterprises to make the procedures and tasks to be executed and performed quickly and swiftly. Software defined storage makes huge difference in the agility and productivity of a data storage solution.

The data storage management tasks performed by the human beings have some issues like human error, dedicated staff member/members needed to be hired and retained for example. It proves to be costly and troublesome for enterprises.

Automation gives a relief from this headache and keeps the things simpler, quicker requiring lesser human effort and more is done by the automated procedures with the use of technology.

A very important point for the enterprises which are deciding to shift to software defined storage environment is the assessment of the applications they will be running. These requirements are important to know the capacity and performance of the system.


It is not only the automation that makes software defined storage an efficient storage solution for enterprises. The flexibility, virtualization and the provision of a platform for the cloud storage that results in scalable data storage environment are just some of the other benefits of SDS.